15+ Years' Experience

  ​"Just called to make an appointment to open our pool for the season. My family is very excited and I appreciate the fact that the company easily remembered my pool and information. Great customer service."

                           - Phillip C. 

    "​We had an old above ground pool that was leaking and needed a new liner. My family loves to swim but we weren't sure what we should do or how to best invest in our home. Nuri from Kurt Custom Pools came out to our home and gave us an estimate without any obligation. He was so nice and made us feel like he honestly cared to find what was best for us. He offered us many options and we now have an amazing pool that we can't wait to open again this year. Thank you again Nuri!"

  -Amy B.

     "Outstanding pool service at a great price! We are so happy with Kurt Custom Pools! We have used them year after year and have never been unhappy."

                                    -Rebeccah F.

       "I rarely write reviews but I felt that I had to make a point to talk about my great experience with Kurt Custom Pools. My patio surrounding my pool and walkway were crumbling to pieces because of all of our tree roots. KCP came to my house and not only gave me an estimate but started the work that very same day. They broke up and removed all the old concrete and poured brand new concrete all around my pool and even extended my walkway. I love the color concrete that we selected and how finished my outside space looks now. I also have to comment on how clean they were. They removed all of the old concrete and left no mess behind! I am so happy now!"

​                                                                                  -Kathy C.


We needed to do something about our water quality. Our pool just wouldn't clear no matter how long we ran it or what we put in it. I called Kurt custom pools and they came to evaluate right away. We ended up changing my system over to a DE filter system. It took no time to clear my pool and now it looks great! Kurt custom pools did the job fast and without hassle.

                                                                                 -Kevin W.

      "I have an old in ground liner pool that was in desperate need of steps. When we initially installed it we only had ladders to enter. Over time this has become an issue. I received several estimates for preformed steps and wasn't really happy with the offers that I had received. When Kurt Custom Pools came to give their estimate we talked about what I was looking for. They offered to build custom steps to suit my needs. The process was fast, clean, and the result was better than anything I could have asked for. Thank you so much!"

                                                                                          -Jennifer A.

Commercial & Private Projects

Family Owned & Operated

     "My wife and I recently purchased a home that already had an pool. We were very excited but knew nothing about maintaining a pool. We researched around and found Kurt Custom Pools. When Nuri (the owner!) came by himself to provide us with an estimate we were so grateful. He spent so much time with us, explaining everything about the pool and how it worked. We decided to have the pool repaired and fitted with a new filter system and liner. We are so glad that we had Kurt Custom Pools do the work! Our swimming pool is so nice and clean and really added so much value to our home! We are so proud now for our guests to visit our new home. Thank you so much Nuri for transforming our backyard dream!"

​                               -Phillip C.                      

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